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Linguist Registration

Join our professional team of linguists


We are currently recruiting native experienced and /or academically qualified linguists in the African and Asian languages ONLY to work with us on a freelance basis. If you are qualified, please enter your information in the registration form or email your resume directly to  We are always pleased to add professional, experienced freelancers into our database. We are interested in hearing from native and bilingual linguists in all language combinations and specialization fields.

Before you submit the registration form, please be certain that you meet our minimum entry requirements (please note that all other applications will be rejected automatically):
 • 3 years full-time (5 years part-time) translation experience in the translation
 • native proficiency in the target language (or bilingual based on qualifications) and /or a university degree in translation and /or a different area of specialization
 • proficiency with all office applications and CAT tools preferred
 • access to email (checking it at least once a day)
 • professional conduct including, but not limited to confirming projects, timely
  deliveries (no exceptions)

Please note that we do not prefer to collaborate with freelancers, who are not willing and committed to a professional relationship. Poor quality and delayed translations affect our client relationships. Therefore, this will result in deducted pay (or no pay if the translation is not acceptable at all), online negative feedback and removal from our database. For example, if you register through this form and we contact you with a project in a month or two (whenever the need arises), and you neglect to even respond and state whether you are available to accept or not available for a particular project, then you will automatically be removed from our database without any further warning.
Some of the benefits of working with Translation Link, Inc. include, but are not limited to the following:
 • Good payment record
 • Interesting projects in all languages (over 200 languages) from a diverse client base
 • Working with experienced staff and a stable and reputable company
 • Pay periods twice a month - beginning and end of the month
 • Working with a small company, where everyone knows you by your name

Please complete the registration form and include your resume to register with Translation Link, Inc. We send translation tests on an as-needed basis to registered translators. Thank you for your attention. MANAGEMENT