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Numerous Forms of Interpretation

Interpretation is the activity that consists of facilitating oral language communication either simultaneously or consecutively between two or more speakers who are not speaking the same language.

Interpreters should convey not only elements of meaning,. but also the intention and feelings of the original speaker.

Simultaneous interpreting is the activity during which the interpreter interprets while the source speaker is speaking as quickly as the interpreter can reformulate the message in the target language.

Consecutive interpreting is the activity during which the interpreter starts speaking after the source-text speaker has finished. Frequently, an experienced consecutive interpreter will prefer to interpret phrase by phrase.

Conference interpreting is interpreting in a conference environment. And it can be either simultaneous or consecutive.

Legal /Court interpreting takes place in courts of justice or administrative tribunals and wherever a legal proceeding is held (such as a conference room for a deposition or the location of a sworn statement.) Legal interpreting can take the form of consecutive interpreting of witnesses' statements, for example, or simultaneous interpreting of the entire proceedings by electronic means for one or more of the people in attendance.

Escort interpreting is when an interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, or on a visit, or to a meeting or interview. This is liaison interpreting.