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Case Studies

Project In Partnership Scenario


October - November 2007: Hausa to English translation of 105,000 source words for an automated language translation project.

Multilingual, Financial Project with Partial Deliveries Scenario

March-April 2008: Financial project for litigation case offering partial deliveries within 3 days turnaround time translated in more than 15 languages.

Complex Specialization Field and High Volume Scenario

July - August 2007: Three financial software manuals of 185,000 source words translated from English into Congolese French.

Multi-Language Project Scenario

November 2007: Translation and editing project in 27 different European languages for an international governmental institution in less than 6 days.

Urgent Translation Request from New Customer


January 2009 - Rush Vendor Survey about 3,000 words translated and proofread in Japanese in less than a day.

Scenario of Satisfied Customer Returning With A Large Translation Request

July 2008 - January 2009: A large translation projects of half a million words in Pashto and Bahasa Indonesian languages with partial deliveries.

Fast Turnaround Project Scenario

February 2007: Technical Manual of 95,000 source words translated from Italian into Simplified Chinese during the Chinese New Year in less than a week.

Low Budget Project Scenario

January - Present: More than 80 Asian and African language project in continuity at a low budget rate for a religious NGO.